• The Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center (RSE-TASC) network was created by the NYSED Office of Special Education (OSE) to provide directed technical assistance to designated schools and districts to improve instructional practices and outcomes of students with disabilities. 

    The SESISs (Special Education School Improvement Specialists) work with specific districts designated by NYSED and a regional planning process to improve instructional practices and systems supporting students with disabilities. When a district/school works with a SESIS, it engages in the quality improvement process (QIP). This is a research-based, collaborative data driven decision-making process conducted with an administrative partner from the district/school and a team that is representative of district/school stakeholders.

    When a SESIS engages in the quality improvement process with a district/school, they are required to develop a Quality Improvement Process Plan (QIP Plan) that documents the data reviewed, prioritized needs, goals, and targeted improvement activities. The QIP Plan is an accountability tool, as it documents the work to be conducted by the SESIS through quarterly progress reports on the implementation of the plan and the outcomes of the work.

    The work of the SESIS includes:

    • Development and delivery of PD and technical assistance
    • Classroom visits and walk-throughs
    • Coaching
    • Leadership support
    • Systems development
    • Developing applicable materials

    While the focus of our work has changed over time, some things remain the same. Non-QIP districts can still contact us as we serve as a liaison to connect you with other resources.

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